Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2023 PTS Online Apply 545

Are you ready for a challenging yet rewarding career? Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2023 Phase 5 is offering a golden opportunity for individuals across Sindh to become part of the esteemed Emergency Rescue Service. The application process, facilitated by PTS, is now open, and here’s everything you need to know.

Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2023

To embark on this journey, visit to apply online. The deadline for application submission is 3 October 2023. Ensure you download the PTS Application form and Deposit Slip from the official website for a seamless process.

PTS 545 Phase V Jobs Vacancies

This Phase V recruitment drive encompasses 545 positions, and applicants from all corners of Sindh are encouraged to apply, provided they meet the specified requirements for each role. Successful candidates will undergo 4-5 months of intensive, hands-on training at the National Emergency Services Academy, Rescue 1122.

Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2023 PTS Application Form

Transitioning through each stage of the selection process, candidates must be vigilant. Any dropouts will be swiftly replaced, maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the hiring process. Finalists will progress to a comprehensive training program lasting six months, solidifying their skills and expertise.

Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs

Application Deadline 3 October 2023
Bank Deposit Slip Download
Gender Male/Female
Organization Sindh Emergency Rescue Service
Posted On 20 September 2023
PTS Application Form Download
Title Sindh Emergency Rescue Service 1122 (SRP-PDMA) (545) Phase V

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Aspiring candidates should be mindful of specific eligibility criteria. Physical deformities, vision weaker than 6/18, color blindness, a BMI exceeding 30, and health conditions such as hepatitis (B&C), HIV, RPR, or STDs are disqualifying factors. It’s essential to pass written, psychological, and physical screening tests.

About Medical Screening

Upon successful completion of these tests, candidates are required to undergo medical examinations at certified hospitals and laboratories. The links to these facilities will be provided on the official websites for PDMA SRP and PTS, ensuring transparency and credibility in the process.

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In conclusion, Sindh Rescue 1122 Jobs 2023 Phase 5 is not just a job opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of a crucial emergency service that plays a pivotal role in saving lives. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance – apply now and join the ranks of dedicated professionals committed to making a difference in their communities. Your journey toward a fulfilling and impactful career starts here!

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