Austria Job Seeker Visa For Pakistani Cost & Requirements

Are you a Pakistani citizen seeking exciting work opportunities abroad? The Austria Job Seeker Visa for Pakistani nationals is now available, providing a gateway to Austria’s economically advanced and promising job market.

Austria Job Seeker Visa

To embark on this journey, you must acquire your national D visa, obtainable at your regional office, embassy, or consulate. Jobslist. pk offers comprehensive details on the Austria Job Seeker Visa, covering costs, requirements, and the application process. Secure your Austria visa effortlessly with the jobs at the most competitive prices.

Red-White-Red Cards

The total cost of an Austrian work visa is approximately 160 euros. Submit your application with a payment of 120 euros; pay an additional 20 upon receiving your permit, and another 20 for police identity information.

Austria Job Seeker Visa For Pakistani Cost

Austria stands as one of Europe’s economic powerhouses, beckoning immigrants with excellent working conditions, generous benefits, and competitive wages. The Red-White-Red Card, a two-year work and residency permit, is a coveted opportunity for highly qualified foreigners aspiring to work in Austria.

Apply for an Austrian Work Visa

To qualify, a scoring system evaluates personal characteristics such as language proficiency, career achievements, age, and job history. Ensuring you meet the fundamental Austria visa requirements is crucial, along with the specific documents required for a work permit.

Austria Job Seeker Visa

Red-White-Red Cards/ Work Visa Fee 160 euros
Title Austria Job Seeker Visa For Pakistani
Vacancies Multiple
Visa Type Work/ Seeker/Tourist/ Student/ Residence/ Transit
Work Visa Types Permanent, Temporary

Austria Work Visa Requirements

Consider applying for your work visa through a local representative or have your employer initiate the process in Austria. Starting with a work permit application simplifies the visa process, as you’re already recognized as a potential employee in Austria.

Austrian work visa Processing Time

The processing time for an Austria work visa is typically 8 weeks. While delays may occur, the embassy will notify you. Your two-year work visa grants you the same freedoms of movement and employment as Austrian citizens; with an option to extend it through the Red-White-Red Plus card.

Apply for a Work Visa for Austria

As your work visa nears expiration, apply for the Red-White-Red plus card, allowing an additional two years in Austria. After holding the Red-White-Red Plus card for two years, you can advance further by applying for a card with a three-year stay.

How Long Is a Work Visa Valid in Austria

In summary, the Austria Job Seeker Visa for Pakistani citizens opens doors to a world of opportunities. jobs list. pk simplifies the process, ensuring you make the most of Austria’s thriving job market. Don’t miss the chance to build your career in one of Europe’s economic hubs.

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